Crash Free Team Racing Turbo Time!

Crash Team Racing: Turbo Time! is a comic published in the winter 2000 issue of the Disney Adventures magazine to promote Crash Team Racing.[1] Alongside telling a story, the comic contains tips on playing the game, even revealing the cheat code to unlock Penta Penguin.


On an island off the coast of Australia, Crash is racing to stop Nitros Oxide's evil plans, joined by a reluctant Neo Cortex. Cortex pretends to go along with it, but secretly plans to steal Nitros Oxide's X Device in order to speed up the world. Meanwhile, Coco and Tiny are racing right behind - Coco is suspicious of Tiny's true intentions, leading the thylacine to drop a TNT Crate in Coco's way. At the same time Cortex is attempting to take out Crash with Bowling Bombs, pretending that he deployed them on accident. Coco uses her laptop to make her Kart hop up and down, disposing of the TNT, then gets revenge on Tiny by hacking his kart to move uncontrollably fast, causing him to crash into a cliff face. Back with Crash and Cortex, Crash is all too happy to trust Cortex's insistence that he's got good intentions. Frustrated by Crash's apparent naivety, Cortex starts to shout at him, revealing his true plans. Crash smugly looks on as Cortex loses control of his kart in anger and swerves off the side of the road. Coco finally catches up to warn Crash about Tiny and Cortex's treachery, but Crash informs her that he already knows. Relieved that the evil plot has been dealt with, Coco zooms ahead to claim victory, leaving her brother in the dust.