Fire Crash will cause a real buzz by being available on both Retail and Mobile platforms, introducing the global trend of Crash games to land-based casinos. This enables casinos to put this type of popular games in their Retail portfolio, making sure players have the latest trends.

Distinctive for its 3D graphics, Fire Crash offers an engaging experience where players have to cash out before a comet's crash. The longer they decide to wait, the higher the multiplier they get, but also the higher the risk of crashing and losing their bet.

The addition of unique betting markets, Under/Over and Range, allows passive game mode, so that players can place their bets and play all on the same screen, sharing the gaming experience.

Furthermore, GoldenRace adapted the classic Crash games’ functionality, Auto Cash-out, to fit Retail players perfectly. This feature requires no interaction and can be combined with the multiplier functionality offered at the cashiers. For example, a player can bet 1$ on the next 10 games by cashing out at 3x.